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Ageless fashion tips from Queen Victoria

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Though it’s been over a century since Queen Victoria ruled the United Kingdom, the style of the glorious Victorian era quite seamlessly translates to modern fashion today, serving to highlight the enduring legacy of the famed ruler. But what makes it so successful in the contemporary world?

When thinking of Victorian style, you see modest yet undeniably elevated garments that were worn by the wealthy women of the era, as well as the Queen herself. Despite being demure in their nature, the Victorian clothes amazed with their sophistication that resulted from the richness of intricate details and embellishments.

“Victorian Neck Collar, Pleats and Ruffles over the chest part, complementing pleats at the bottom of the dress ”

That’s perhaps why the elements of their everyday wardrobes are so appealing to the modern woman. The Victorian collar stands tall to elongate the neck and frame the face like a precious painting. The playfully scattered ruffles and pleats create a romantic, utterly feminine aesthetic without the need to provoke, while the maxi lengths serve to prove that less is truly more.

Alongside these flattering details, the Victorian style carries confidence that’s hard to match by other fleeting trends and our Royal dress is testament to just that. While delicate linen envelops you from neck to toe, you’ll feel like royalty whether strolling down sun-soaked streets or dining underneath the stars.

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