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Summertime styling reinterpreted

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Who doesn’t love summer? The perfect time to get those sandals, shorts and strappy tops out – or is it? Let us challenge your perception of summer dressing and prove that you don’t need to show all to have it all.

When temperatures run high, it’s time to turn to Mother Nature and the most breathable fabrics that she’s given us – think linen, cotton or silk. Armed with these, you can seamlessly keep things understated by opting for maxi and midi skirts, dresses or kimonos, safe in the knowledge that the heat won’t bug you. The ideal hack for bracing summer in the city.

If you’d like your outfit to scream summer from afar, try experimenting with perhaps one of the most hot-weather appropriate materials: straw. After all, is there a more quintessential summertime accessory than a trusty, wide-brimmed raffia hat?.”

One cannot write about summer fashion and not mention the essential accessory for sunny days: the sunglasses. The importance of having the right ones can’t be underestimated. Whether you’re an aviator, a wayfarer or a cat-eye type of person, putting that perfect pair on arms you not only with UV-protection, but with fierce attitude as well.

Turn to our edit to lay infallible foundations for your summer wardrobe and usher in a new era of hot-weather styling.

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